Energy Efficiency Center (EEC) Georgia

The Energy Efficiency Center (EEC) Georgia is an NGO created in 1999 with the mission to support renewable energy and energy efficiency utilization for sustainable development and, as a result, improve national energy security level and minimize negative environmental impact.

During 20 years of operation, EEC has implemented about 100 projects. These include feasibility studies, technical and economic studies, comprehensive market research, pilot and demonstration projects, trainings in various RE & EE technologies, promotion and dissemination, project financing, as well as a deep understanding of the wider policy and investment issues facing the energy sector. The organization works very actively on clean energy awareness rising among civil society, decision makers and population at large advocating for environmentally friendly and economically sound ways of energy production and consumption.

In SMARTER project EECG will be working towards establishment of certification system for homes, and link it with green mortgages within Green Home & Green Mortgage program. For this, the organisation is working with developers and banks to actively engage them into the program. EECG’ s work on adaptation and preparation of comprehensive, accessible, national language and locally relevant GHGM tools and training materials that meets needs of key stakeholders to launch and administrate national GHGM programme.  EECG will also work on identification of companies who supply materials, technologies, other products and services that will contribute to residential projects achieve necessary EE/Green Homes performance criteria.

Very challenging task EECG will be leading the work on is Elaboration of guidance document to instruct SMARTER implementing partners and expertise providers how to best prepare their market to increase delivery of project portfolios investable by green focused Institutional Investors.

Participation in SMARTER project will hopefully create new opportunities for the building and financial sector in Georgia to offer its customers high quality, environmentally friendly and affordable sustainable homes. SMARTER provided useful tools and communication material will help to launch campaign in the country to inform and educate citizens and all other stakeholders on the GHGM program benefits.

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