Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) – CfP13: Market ready projects

The projects supported in CfFP13 are scale up to commercial operation, replication of commercially proven concepts to new markets (nationally or internationally) and rejuvenation of existing renewable energy and energy efficiency generation projects. Market Ready is to offer financing to projects that have a particularly strong possibility for raising other (commercial) sources of finance for project implementation, replication and/or scaling up. As concrete outputs, this result area will be characterized by the development of bankable renewable energy and energy efficiency demonstration of project proposals that involve technological, financing or business model innovation. In contrast to those projects to be financed under the early stage window (CfP12), the emphasis here is on sufficient project fundamentals, scaling up and replication by means of commercial financing. The maximum grant allocation for a selected CfP13 project can fall in the range € 200,000 – € 1,000,000 depending on the project scope and level of verifiable co-financing brought in by the project.
The applications for both windows are sought in two stages: 1) first proposals stage, based on which successfully ranked applicants are invited to submit 2) final project proposals.

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Sectors: Cross cutting, Renewables

Country / Region: Africa

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Knowledge Object: Funding and finance opportunity for energy efficiency

Published by: EEP