Efficiency for Access (E4A) Coalition

The Efficiency for Access (E4A) Coalition is a new collaborative effort led by the Clean Energy Ministerial’s Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) initiative and Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL).
E4A will provide a cross-cutting platform within the SE4All framework to unite and amplify current efforts, mobilize resources and supporting actions to catalyze emerging markets for off-grid end-use technologies, and strengthen linkages with broader supply-side energy access efforts. In doing so, E4A aims to harness the untapped potential of super-efficient end-use technologies to expand the human and economic benefits of energy access.
The overarching goal is to support the development and deployment of super-efficient end-use technologies, alongside complementary efforts to expand off-grid energy supply, to enable universal access to enhanced energy services beyond basic lighting by 2030.
The coalition will focus on the following market transformation efforts:
Creating evidence-based market intelligence through research and analysis
Driving technology and innovation
Supporting the development of enabling policy frameworks
Increasing access to finance through innovative mechanisms
Facilitating industry engagement and support
Raising consumer awareness

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