Digital Technologies for Mobilizing Sustainable Finance

This report, Digital Technologies for Mobilizing Sustainable Finance: Applications of digital technologies to sustainable finance, describes the relevance of digital finance within the context of sustainable finance, the consequential G20 role, and the SDGs. It provides a framework to highlight practices across G20 members and the private sector in advancing technological solutions that support sustainable finance, notably across capital markets, private equity and venture capital, and identifies the key implications, as well as possible unintended consequences and challenges that should be appropriately addressed. It also draws out emerging opportunities to better leverage digital technologies for financing sustainable development. The report is based on a mapping of practices across G20 members and the private sector, that highlight more efficient mobilization and deployment of capital for sustainable investments through the use of digital finance. Since current volatilities in the crypto-assets market are creating high levels of uncertainty, this report – which aims at teasing out common implications – does not cover crypto-assets. Further research is needed to fully unpack the risks and opportunities in this area.

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Sectors: Digital, Finance

Country / Region: Global

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Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: Green Finance Platform

Publishing year: 2018