Czech Green Building Council (CZGBC)

The Czech Green Building Council (CZGBC) is a non-profit membership-based organisation that brings together companies from various sectors of the economy. Their common interest is high-quality buildings that support new construction and renovation based on sustainability principles. The Czech Green Building Council was founded in 2009 and all its activities are aimed at meeting the “Vision Zero” objectives – a state where buildings have zero impact on environment throughout their whole life cycle. We lead the Czech construction industry to sustainability.

CZGBC role in the SMARTER project is to push Czech residential stock market towards better quality and sustainability. Our goal is to cooperate with banks and authorities and prepare such market environment that supports green new and renovated buildings. We want to find relevant financial mechanisms to make better quality buildings more affordable in comparison to common ones in a long-term view. We support use of relevant existing certification tool that can proof the quality in an understandable way.

CZGBC is also responsible for specific work related to financial institutions´ risk performance of homes and estimation of „total costs of monthly ownership” among the partner countries.

We aim to push the residential buildings market to sustainable and green through more affordable conditions of mortgages, building societies´ products or other financial mechanisms, possibly together with existing subsidy schemes. We want to help with setting relevant building quality proof system that should include environmental certification tool.

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