Beyond the Buzz: Natural Capital and Addressing the Biodiversity Crisis

The podcast addresses the biodiversity crisis and how it can be overcome. Pricing is the major challenge as it’s more complicated than CO2 emissions, with variability of hot spots around the world. Species around the world are going extinct and the number of animals from bugs to birds are declining dramatically. However, we are at a turning point with new supranational reviews and interest in species lost. The pandemic showed us nature’s resilience and how it can return, which has encouraged policy makers to make tangible steps. Additionally, corporates who rely on nature for their supply chains recognize the majority of deforestation comes from palm oil, beef, and soy commodities, so they are developing closer relationships with farmers. The implementation and monitoring of corporate policies remains strenuous but the amount of quantifiable metrics and qualitative reporting has increased. Citizens have the responsibility to cut their grass less frequently, plant more flowers for pollinators, and avoid products that contribute to deforestation.

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