A Systems Approach to Off-grid Hydropower for Community-led Flood Resilience

Energy availability under both normal and hazard conditions is a key element for sustainable development and resilience against natural disasters. Access to off-grid renewables, such as pico-hydropower, provides multiple benefits particularly to remote communities in low and lower-middle income countries which often lack reliable energy and resources to support hazard planning and response.

Applying a systems approach to these issues could help humanitarian and development practitioners and community stakeholders to co-develop technology-supported projects that address local needs. Systems thinking is a holistic analytic approach that focuses on how different elements within complex systems are interconnected and affect program processes and outcomes. Our study investigates a community systems approach to energy generation and distribution management, and water-based disaster emergencies within a framework of sustainable development. This approach is being applied to localized hydro power and flood warning systems, including a potential hybrid prototype.

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A Systems Approach to Off-grid Hydropower for Community-led Flood Resilience

Sectors: Cross cutting, Power sector, Renewables

Country / Region: Global

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In 1 user collection: Session 6b: Promoting sustainable energy behaviours: policy instruments, interventions and evaluation of effects

Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Author: Spyros Schismenos, Garry J. Stevens, Dimitrios Emmanouloudis, Nichole Georgeou, Surendra Shrestha, Nikolaos D. Katopodes