Workshop on High Impact Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in China

December 14, 2016

A workshop on High Impact Opportunities (HIOs) to further energy efficiency in China was organised on 13 December in Beijing. The workshop was organised by the Tsinghua University and the Energy Research Institute of NDRC, which have been engaged by the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency to jointly carry out the study on identifying high impact opportunities for further and faster energy efficiency improvement in the country. As the project approached its finish date, the workshop was mainly aimed at presenting findings from the project to key government agencies, industrial organisations, and relevant funding partners and seek their feedback and support for implementation.

The project will generate three main reports: a Report on Best Practices and Success Stories on Energy Efficiency Policies in China, a Report on Energy Efficiency Improvement Opportunities in Industry, Power, Building, and Transport sectors, as well as a Report on 6 High Impact Opportunities for Energy Efficiency Improvement and two related project concept notes. Feedback from the workshop will be taken into account during the finalisation of the reports, which will be published in early 2017.

Meanwhile, both the Chinese partners and the Copenhagen Centre will reach out to various international funding organisations and Chinese government for support to implementation of the HIOs and project concept notes. China has made major improvements in energy efficiency improvement in recent decades and the government has made ambitious plans to use energy efficiency improvement as a key solution to control the country’s total energy use. The Copenhagen Centre takes China as a key country in its efforts to support faster global energy efficiency improvement, especially in the area of using industrial waste heat for district heating.

Participants at the High Impact Opportunities in Energy Efficiency Workshop in Beijing