SE4All’s Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform holds seminar during EU Sustainable Energy Week

July 15, 2016

Increasingly, public officials and governments are showing interest in energy efficiency (EE) actions and have been turning to SE4All to find out how to fit EE into their sustainable energy plans and find private partners to help transform plans into reality. Last June, during the European Union’s Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels, SE4All’s Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform organized a stakeholder seminar designed to address this need, connecting committed actors from the public sector with EE experts and private sector partners.

Firmly committed to the concept of public-private collaboration, the EE Platform’s mission is to scale up energy efficiency policy, action and investment, with the aim of doubling the rate of improvement in energy efficiency worldwide by 2030. C2E2 provides the platform’s secretariat and also contributes technical support.

The seminar focused on the issues and challenges of creating effective partnerships that promote and implement EE measures. Committed public actors were linked with private sector service, product and finance providers who have the means and the know-how to bring projects to implementation.

Along with talks by experts and stakeholders, there was a hands-on component to the seminar, where participants discussed how to improve the Platform’s ability to create public-private implementation partnerships. The suggestions and recommendations that resulted from these discussions will be invaluable as the Platform moves ahead with its coordination activities.

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