Viviana Deruto

Specialized in bio-architecture and geobiology, her activity is divided between architect, in our professional Studio PCBE, teaching, coordination and organization of courses, exhibitions, conferences, events, including the National Conference of Bio-Architecture&Geobiology&Wood and the Green Utopia event. She is President of the ProgettoCasaBioEcologica Association whose mission is to inform and promote the use of natural building materials, not derived from petrochemicals processes, energy-saving systems and for the production of energy from renewable sources. She is a founding member and President of the Architecture & Geobiology-Integrated Studies Associations”, from 2006 to 2013, and she is currently Vice President of the “Taste the World Association” for cultural integration. She is Director of IRSA-Institute of Research of Living Sciences with which she is the creator, coordinator and manager of the MaVE-Material Value Exposure research, for study of biophysical interactions within built spaces. The MaVE research was conducted in collaboration and in parallel with the Wood Comfort research of the TESAF Department of the University of Padua, for which she designed the structures to perform the psycophysical tests. She has to her credit several publications of articles, conference proceedings and books such as: “Taste the World” ed. Giacchè 2005, “The secrets of the Palace” ed. Marna 2011, “The Culture of the city” ed. Andel 2012. In 2017 she was awarded with the “I LIVE SUSTAINABLE Award” for the promulgation of the principles of bio-architecture and with the “CREATIVITY CAMP Award” for female entrepreneurship. Information on her work can be obtained from