Sara Ibrahim Elhag

Senior Sustainable Energy Expert

Sara Elhag is a Renewable Energy Expert at RCREEE in Cairo, where she works in achieving the centre’s goals of spreading the use of clean energy systems and increasing the adoption of renewable energies in the Arab World region. Her responsibilities include the design, management and implementation of Renewable Energies (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) projects. Ms. Elhag’s career path extends over more than 14 years of engineering experience, working in large scale power generation projects and thereafter specializing in renewable energy systems’ applications. During her work in the National Electricity Corporation (NEC), Sudan, she worked in the National Load Dispatch Centre (NLDC) project where she worked as a senior electrical engineer at first and later as the manager of Khartoum zone. Ms. Elhag has also worked in the consultancy field where she was a Unit Manager in a leading consultancy company (Newtech Consultancy Group). She has just finished the work on a project targeting XX countries in the MENA region researching on household appliances.