Rüdiger Lohse

Managing Director

Rüdiger Lohse is an industrial engineer. His main tasks are:

  1. Senior Facilitating Expertise: He is leading the primary facilitator in the state of Baden-Württemberg for energy services. Responsibility for the complete scope of work, including feasibility studies, decision-making process integrating citizens, councils and administrations, project structures, stipulation together with legal advisers, and procurement process until and beyond the signature of the energy service contract. Awarded by European Commission in 2009 for “Europe´s Most Innovative Facilitator for Energy Services”
  2. Market development – political level: He initiated stimulation for the energy service market development on the Regional and the Federal level, targeting harmonisation and increasing awareness and availability of energy services in the public sector. The last of several initiatives was the recently concluded first step of the Contracting Initiative Baden-Württemberg, with 120 stakeholders targeting a 10-step roadmap for the broad development of the energy service market, among others.
  3. Market development – research on structures: Their strategic target is implementing ESPC as an applicable and broadly accepted climate protection tool. To increase the demand for energy services, we conducted the user-centric re-design of advanced ESPC far beyond the broadly known approaches in Germany and other mature-market European countries. The latest international research projects targeted the development of advanced performance-related business models for deep energy refurbishment of building stock, the development of ESPC for small buildings and SM ESCOs and development of new financing models for energy efficiency.
  4. Competence Centre Contracting: director since August 2015: Market development activities have been bundled in a new regional facility which he has been leading since the summer of 2015.
  5. Market – development-research: Mr Lohse has been conducting IEA EBC Annex 61 Deep Energy Retrofit (2013- 2017) in the function of the co-Operating Agent; since 2018, he has been conducting IEA EBC Annex 73 on Near Zero Energy Neighbourhoods also as a co-operating Agent.
  6. Director of joint project INEECO with European Investment Bank, facilitating €30M of EPC investments. The joint program initiates a regional public campaign for EPC, the setup of the new legal framework for EPC, fund for refunding ESCOs and a standardised technical due diligence process.
  7. Since January 2020, managing director of the newly founded Energy Service Hub in Berlin, aiming at re-structuring political framework conditions for the energy service market in Germany, networking and market development for energy services.

Rüdiger Lohse
Managing Director



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