Andrea Romaoli

Andrea Romaoli Garcia is INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAWYER and PROFESSOR for Master’s degree course holding UN positions as Project Manager, Topic Driver, Consultant, UN Mentor and leader by Global Compact at WEPs (UNWOMEN) across different areas: Governance, Court (CIDH), Technologies, Child Protection, Human Trafficking, Agriculture, Communication and Education as far as in United States, Malta, Asia, Brazil and Africa.

Fighting for Empowerment of Women and Girls, against child labour slavery, transnational crimes, corruption, Human Trafficking and child marriage, Andrea works in Zimbabwe where she does the coordinating programs along to the board of the Simuka Africa Youth Association – Unicef’s NGO.

Romaoli overvalues the United Nations such as recognized researcher by creating the Sixth Dimension of Human Rights that maintains the evolution of Human Rights also it continues the development at principles of Jean-Jacques Rousseau that is the ground of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It was presented in UNESCO-PARIS Conference and awarded in Netherlands by Corporate Parity-UN and Ernst & Young.

Also Romaoli performs as CHAIR of Fibree Foundation (Netherlands/Malta) contributing to UNSDGs.

Romaoli is reliable UN team- member for building a safe planet and impact for people.

The communication means a valorous skill that Andrea uses to engage governments, stakeholders and colleagues by building Social Policies. Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and intermediate level in French.

Andrea Romaoli

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