New Publication Released – Best Practices for Improving Industrial Energy Efficiency

February 16, 2016

Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency has released a new publication on Best Practices and Case Studies for Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement.

Improving energy efficiency in the industrial sector is being prioritised in many countries. Investment to improve industrial energy efficiency can deliver large energy savings, improved productivity, and reduced environmental pollution. However, in many cases information, financial, and regulatory barriers are continuing to prevent enterprises from fully realising the potential opportunities offered by improving energy efficiency. A wide range of policies and programmes can be adopted to help overcome these barriers.

Countries are keen to learn from international experiences on how to accelerate energy efficiency improvements, particularly the various approaches towards policy making, their effectiveness, and disseminating success stories and best practices. This book is aimed at supporting countries in industrial energy efficiency policy making through sharing international experiences. It explains preconditions for successful implementation of policies and programmes while providing concrete examples. The overall objective is to stimulate joint actions from business, governments, and civil societies to help realise the SE4All goal of doubling the global energy efficiency improvement rate by 2030.