Net-Sights Workshop: Exploring new collaboration opportunities in the Danish cleantech industry

September 27, 2016

The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency (C2E2) was invited as a guest speaker to the Net-Sights Workshop: Using data and network science to explore new collaboration opportunities in the Danish cleantech industry at the House of Green, Copenhagen. At the workshop, Xiao Wang introduced the audiences to the Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform’s partnership identification and mapping tool. This tool was developed in collaboration with the Net-Sights team to map the accelerators’ vast network of committed jurisdictions, companies and partner organisations, helping to identify partners for collaborative energy efficiency projects and any gaps in the network that need strengthening.

At the workshop, participants held lively discussions on data-driven network analysis approach and gained hands on experience through an interactive exploration exercise, where the mapping tool was used to tackle the challenge in delivering Sustainable Energy for All.

Under the auspices of C2E2, the Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform acts as the flagship implementing mechanism of Sustainable Energy for All initiative. Connecting stakeholders to each other and to solutions in areas of common interest is central to the work of the Accelerator Platform. This innovative data management tool is enabling the Accelerator Platform to better identify linkages and opportunities, and broker more efficient and effective partnerships and conversations across the public and private sectors and civil society that can support the creation of the enabling environments and business models to quickly scale and replicate.