KMS Help for registered users

Create a new Knowledge Object

The C2E2 KMS deals with several Knowledge Objects (like Reports, Websites, Experts Profiles, …) which will be stored and made available in structured form together with a metadata footprint. Registered users may create such Knowledge Objects for further public use. Such user generated contents run through a review process carried out by C2E2, to ensure quality and conformity with legal requirements.

To create user generated Knowledge Objects you have to click “Knowledge Objects” from the left menu and then click the button

Important fields that needs to be fill out:

  • Title: The full title of the Knowledge Object
    [Please limit this text to be short and clear!]
  • Description: A detailed description of the Knowledge Object used in the detailed view of the Knowledge Objects.
    [A full blown WYSIWYG Editor allows to add pictures, format text and set links]
  • Knowledge Object type: Classification of the Knowledge Object you link to
    [Choose from Collections, eLearning, Funding and finance opportunity, Publication/Report, Tools/Instrument, Web Resource, User Generated Initiative]
  • Featured Image: Picture to be shown in the detailed view of the Knowledge Objects.
    • Files must be less than 10 MB.
    • Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.
    • Images must be smaller than 1000×1000 pixels.
    • In case, you upload a PDF as a resource (for publications), Image will be auto-generated from PDF-Cover.
  • Document Resource: This describes the resource that you would like to upload (txt, pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx)
    [Only if you would like the Copenhagen Centre to host your resource] 
  • Link to resource: Provide a link resource
    [If you do not want the resource to be hosted with us, then you can provide us the link]

Assisted tagging

Tagging of Knowledge Objects is also assisted by climatetagger. To activate the feature, you would have to check the box Add tags on post update at the Auto Tag Options and then just click Save Draft. Check the results and complete them in simply selecting and de-selecting the tags. Add – in case – own additional free tag under the section Tags.

Send for Review

Submit for Review and/or Save Draft conclude the creation of your own Knowledge Object or Collection. Find now your Knowledge Object or Collection at the designated area with the indications of Pending or Draft. C2E2 is now checking your content for quality and legal compatibility. When your content has been approved, you will be able to visit it on the C2E2 KMS.