KMS Help for anonymous users

What is a Knowledge Object?

The C2E2 KMS deals with several Knowledge Objects (like Reports, Websites, Tools, etc.) which will be stored and made available in structured form together with a metadata footprint. Users can search, browse, filter and sort through the catalogue of these Knowledge Objects.

Create an account

As an anonymous user (nor logged in) you can access all Knowledge Objects of the C2E2 Knowledge Management System (KMS). Just typing in your search query and start exploring the system.

Due to security concerns, you cannot manually create an account. If you would like to contribute to the KMS by posting various content, please contact us. We will provide you with login credentials and assist you.


The C2E2 KMS is a collection of quality proven Knowledge Objects. You may search and find Energy Efficiency related content easily in using our search interface. The big advantage to any other general interest search engine, is that you’ll get only quality content, without any off-target results. This saves your time.


User can filter by Knowledge Object, sector, region and year. Availability of this filter depend on the sort of Knowledge Object you are browsing.

Filter by Sector
All Knowledge Objects in the KMS are annotated with a controlled vocabulary using the You can find a list of this tags on the button of each Knowledge Object. The KMS bundles this tags into 10 Sectors. Filtering the results by sector means that the results list is limited to Knowledge Objects annotated with tags, which the ticked sector(s) include.

Filter by Region
Same for filtering with a geographical focus. Filter by Region let you limit your results list by selecting continents (drilled down to every single country), items with global focus and also those which have no geographical focus.

Publishing year
For publications, you may also filter results by selected years.

Knowledge Management System Coordinators

Aristeidis Tsakiris


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Valeria Zambianchi

Research Assistant

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