United for Efficiency (U4E)

U4Eis a global effort supporting developing countries and emerging economies to move their markets to energy-efficient appliances and equipment.
Informs policy makers of the potential environmental, financial and economic savings of a transition to high-efficiency products;Under the leadership of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), U4E brings together all key stakeholders active in the area of product efficiency. U4E:
Identifies and promotes global best practices in transforming markets;
Offers tailored assistance to governments to develop and implement national and regional strategies and projects to achieve a fast and sustainable market transformation.
U4E builds on the success of the en.lighten initiative, which accelerates the transition to efficient lighting worldwide. It broadens the scope to six other high-efficiency product categories, such as commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting, residential refrigerators, room air conditioners, electric motors, distribution transformers, and information and communication technologies.

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