Typology Approach for Building Stock Energy Assessment

The TABULA WebTool has been developed within the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe projects TABULA and EPISCOPE.
The objective is to disseminate the general idea of national residential building typologies to building experts from European countries and to give them an understanding of the concrete implementation according to the TABULA concept http://www.episcope.eu/building-typology/:
The division of residential building stocks in size and age classes;
Data of exemplary buildings: visual appearance, commonly found construction elements and corresponding U-values;
Data of exemplary heat supply systems: commonly found system types and their energy performance indicators;
Typical values for the energy consumption by energy carriers; 
For old buildings: energy saving measures on two quality levels and their impact on the energy consumption;
For new buildings: examples for realisation on three energy performance levels: minimum requirements, improved and ambitious or NZEB standard (assumed or announced level of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings).
Standard reference calculation procedure based on an agreed data format, user conditions and national climatic data;
Calibration of the standard calculation procedure to the typical level of measured consumption.
More information about the building typology systematics can be found at: www.episcope.eu/building-typology/.

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Sector: Buildings

Country / Region: Europe

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