Test Report – Clear, Non-Directional LED Lamps – Updated

This study was undertaken because new LED lamps have been introduced into the European market at low prices and with claims of very high performance levels. It was deemed necessary, therefore, to conduct a limited market and testing study of the products available in the current European market by the third quarter of 2014 and to present this new evidence, including test report results, to the Ecodesign Consultation Forum. This report is an update to our November 2014 report (which provided test results after 100 hours of use). The updated report provides test results on the samples following 1000 hours of use. The findings of the 2014 report still hold true: LED products are introduced on the European market at much lower prices and much better performance levels than anticipated by the European Commission as late as in June 2013. Approximately 50% of the LED lamps purchased and tested for this study already exceed the 2016 price and performance levels that were anticipated in June 2013, and one model available on the European market in 2014 already exceeds the anticipated 2018 level on efficacy and the 2020 level on price.

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Sectors: Cross cutting, Lighting

Country / Region: Europe

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Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: eceee

Publishing year: 2015

Author: Peter Bennich, Bram Soenen, Michael Scholand, Nils Borg