Tanzania’s SE4ALL Action Agenda

Access to modern energy services is a necessary precondition for achieving development goals that extend far beyond the energy sector, such as poverty eradication, access to clean water, improved public health and education, women’s empowerment and increase food production. The United Nations (UN) Secretary General launched the SE4ALL Initiative in September 2010 to achieve three inter-related goals by 2030:
Ensuring universal access to modern energy services.
Doubling the rate of improvement in energy efciency.
Doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.
SE4ALL proposition is that, to achieve the initiative’s objectives, all stakeholders need to play a leadership role:
National Government must design and implement a set of integrated country actions (i.e. action agendas and investment prospectus);
Private sector provides business and technical solutions and drives investment;
Civil society organizations (CSOs) advocate and monitor public policy and businesses actions.
To design and implement integrated country actions, after a country opted-in the initiative, national governments start the process of developing their Action Agenda (AA).
Tanzania opted-in and became one of the 14 early movers for Africa in 2012. Tanzania’s SE4ALL AA seeks to integrate the multi-tier eforts that the Country is implementing towards providing universal access to energy, increased energy efciency and an increase in the use of renewable energy. With this AA the Government of Tanzania (GoT) continues its commitment for the transformation of its energy sector, and deepen the reforms needed to scale up public and private investments in the sector to meet its SE4ALL 2030 goals.

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Tanzania’s SE4ALL Action Agenda

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Country / Region: Africa, Tanzania, United Republic of

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Published by: Ministry of Energy and Minerals

Publishing year: 2015

Author: Ministry of Energy and Minerals