SUPER ESCO An Innovative Approach to Unlock Energy Efficiency Potential

The Super ESCO concept was developed in the 1990s as a potential solution to address not only the energy performance contracting (EPC) scheme’s limitations but also the ESCO community’s lack of capacity, willingness or interest to get involved in project financing. In other words, the Super ESCO concept was proposed to enable the EPC scheme to develop to its full potential. Although this concept was put forward in the 1990s, no action was taken to create and operate any Super ESCO until the mid-2010s. Econoler has been in a favourable position to fully appreciate the value of the Super ESCO concept because it was one of the most important ESCOs in the world in the 1980s and made important contributions in developing this concept through its work as a consulting firm around the world for international clients. We have been one of the world’s most active promoters of this concept and have been involved in designing and launching two of the world’s most successful Super ESCOs (one in Dubai and the other in India). This booklet introduces the Super ESCO concept and the main principles to be followed to put this concept into action. It also provides informative and helpful insights gained from the experiences of designing and operating the Dubai, Indian and Moroccan Super ESCOs; the first two Super ESCOs have both become major game-changers in fostering energy efficiency market growth and climate change mitigation efforts in those countries.

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