Street Lighting Energy Efficiency Calculator

The Online Assessment Tool can support estimation and analysis of the potential energy and CO2 savings, as well as providing a straightforward cost-benefit overview for any locality, city or country based on their current street lighting technologies.

The tool quantifies the energy, financial and climate-saving potentials for moving away from existing inefficient street lighting technologies to intelligently controlled and efficient LED systems. It aims to provide local government decision-makers with a detailed understanding of the specific savings and financial opportunities in their municipalities and cities. The tool has been designed as a self-assessment savings tool and is available online for municipalities to complete a number of key local data inputs on the current status of their locality or city public lighting system. A straightforward and short report on the assessment results (available in different languages) is automatically generated after data input and can be downloaded. The report includes annual electricity and financial savings and CO2 emissions reductions from the conversion to modern, higher performance, lower maintenance, energy-efficient LED technology, as well as the estimated investment cost and payback period. The results are given in graphics: the figures below give an example of the first input page and the results report.

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