Report for development of the ESCO market in the EU enlargement and neighbouring countries

During the 2013-2015 period, the ESCO markets of the EU Enlargement and Neighbouring Countries (namely Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey and Russia) remained almost unchanged compared to the 2010-2013 period. In general the ESCO market for these countries is at a preliminary stage. In some countries (such as the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) the energy services market is not yet developed and there are very few projects implemented with ESCO financing to date. The development of the ESCO market is hindered mainly by legal and financial issues, which are differentiated country by country. The present study aims at giving an overview of the status of the ESCO market in the EU Enlargement and Neighbouring Countries, contextualising the legal frameworks and identifying the barriers that slow down the development of the energy service companies. A set of suggestions and recommendations is then provided to enhance the market for energy services in the Western Balkan Countries, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Turkey. Furthermore, an insight is carried out sector by sector, focusing on residential, industrial and public buildings. After this overview, which gives a clear picture of the general situation of the ESCO market in the region, an in-depth analysis of ESCOs status is provided for each of the eleven countries under analysis in chapters 9 to 19.

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Sectors: Cross cutting, ESCO, Finance

Country / Region: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Republic of, North Macedonia, Russian Federation, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine

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