Realization of Energy Efficiency Lighting Systems in Moscow, Moscow region and Nizhniy Novgorod region

The current development status of Russia’s light engineering industry is determined by the fact that at the beginning of the 90s the state completely gave up the issues of regulation of domestic lighting equipment market, granting it all the rights, including those related to engineering policy, energy efficiency and, as a matter of fact, to all aspects of security, which led to the total lack of control, permissiveness and irresponsibility for manufacture, purchase and sales of poor quality products. The country is lacking programs of scientific, industrial and market development on the national, regional and municipal level. The existing Law on Technical Regulation in Russia was adopted in December 2002. This Law provides for consideration of legitimate interests of all organizations concerned in the process of standards development and will undoubtfully have an impact on new standards developed in the area of light engineering. Under the priority area ‘Energy and Energy Saving’ of the Federal Target Program ‘R&D in Priority Fields of Russia’s Science and Technological Complex Development for 2007-2012′, several research projects focused on the development of state-of-the-art high performance lighting equipment are underway. In selected Russian regions (Moscow city, Moscow region, Nizhniy Novgorod region) the energy saving programs contain sections dealing with the improvement of exterior and architectural lighting of the regions’ cities. The issues of exterior lighting in major cities are dealt with by special municipal ‘Gorsvet’ enterprises and in small and medium-sized towns — by utility companies responsible for all municipal issues, including water supply, heating, urban waste collection, etc.

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Realization of Energy Efficiency Lighting Systems in Moscow, Moscow region and Nizhniy Novgorod region

Sector: Industry

Country / Region: Europe, Russian Federation

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Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: UNECE

Publishing year: 2009

Author: International Sustainable Energy Development Center