Mapping & Benchmarking of General Service Lamps

Lighting is responsible for 15% of electricity use around the world and for approximately 6% of total annual global greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce this impact, many governments have phased out the least-efficient lamps, and many more are working now to facilitate a transition to more cost effective, energy efficient lighting options.
Recognizing the importance of lighting energy consumption, CLASP initiated this mapping and benchmarking study of general services lamps (GSL) to assist policymakers, program managers, and other stakeholders who are working to transition national and regional markets from inefficient incandescent and halogen lighting toward more energy efficient, cost effect alternatives including compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and light-emitting diode-based lamps (LED). The study analyzed 25 historical and contemporary data sets of CFL and LED products drawn from Australia, Cambodia, the EU, Lao, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, the USA, and Vietnam, and approximately one million individual data points from over 10,000 LED and CFL products.

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Mapping & Benchmarking of General Service Lamps

Sectors: Cross cutting, Equipment and appliances, Power sector, Renewables

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Published by: CLASP

Publishing year: 2015

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