This document is an Application Guide that supports the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)1. While the IPMVP Core Concepts provides an overview of non-routine adjustments (NRAs) relative to measurement and verification (M&V) projects, this Application Guide is intended to serve as an expansion on the topic.

In the context of M&V of energy, demand, or water savings, NRAs are used to compensate for unrelated facility-changes that impact savings and are not accounted for in the calculations. These non-routine events (NREs) are especially impactful in meter-based M&V methods, which capture all changes in energy consumption at the site level.

NREs represent a key risk element for projects using meter-based M&V method since NREs that go unaccounted for can introduce unacceptable levels of error and skew reported savings making them less meaningful. Similarly, NRAs applied improperly may have equally detrimental impacts on reported savings. The increased adoption of advanced meter-based M&V methods2 mandates serious attention to properly managing NREs and NRAs and is the focus of this guide.

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