Integrate to zero: The role of Africa’s ESCO market

The research in this report endorses the soundness of the business case for offerings that integrate clean energy technologies acting as a one-stop-shop for consumers. It analyses the existing ESCOs in Africa and their services to understand what is needed for the energy services to become integrated. It also describes the regulatory and economic environment under which they operate.

This research aims to analyse the existing ESCOs in six African countries (Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Rwanda) to understand the maturity and needs of this sector to provide integrated energy services.

This included an analysis of the services and types of contracts offered to consumers, and a comparative cost-benefit analysis for each of the 6 countries, considering aspects such as cost of energy, cost of fuel, financing costs, and tax incentives, among others.

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Integrate to zero: The role of Africa’s ESCO market

Sector: ESCO

Country / Region: Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa

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In 1 user collection: Market Overview including Cases studies

Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: BASE

Publishing year: 2023