Institute for Industrial Productivity (IIP)

Established in 2010, IIP is an independent non-profit organization whose role is to accelerate the uptake of industrial energy efficiency practices by partnering with both industry and governments. We are the only global organization solely dedicated to helping reduce industrial energy use to mitigate climate change and address other relevant environmental issues.
IP’s work focuses on the countries and sectors that drive industrial demand and offer major opportunities for improvement – such as in the cement, iron and steel, and chemicals sectors in China, India and the United States.
In particular, we work to drive the adoption of continuous improvement systems – widely known as energy management systems (EnMS) – and stimulate investment in other energy efficiency technologies and practices by government, industry and utilities. We do this by working with relevant governments on policy implementation, providing technical assistance to a range of parties, and partnering with key companies, investors and associations to create model projects that can be effectively scaled up.
We select our projects by looking at their greenhouse gas mitigation potential, scale and ability to be replicated – so that everything we do has the greatest impact. IIP also establishes strategic alliances with other NGOs and funders with similar interests and objectives.
Our key areas of expertise are in EnMS program design and implementation, spurring energy efficiency action in industrial supply chains, and the development of industrial energy efficiency databases and tools. Our databases provide comprehensive information about energy efficiency policy, programs, finance mechanisms, supply chain initiatives and technology. They include guidelines, reports, factsheets, and case studies, and they offer a rich resource for policymakers, industry, NGOs, and researchers.
We have a global team and network of independent experts that provide advice on technology, policy and financing of industrial energy efficiency. We also work at national and local levels to improve energy efficiency policies, practices and technology adoption. This includes developing technical projects that deliver practical and cost-saving solutions to industry and provide a basis for better energy efficiency policy implementation.
Our regional teams are based in China, India, the United States and Europe.
Through a range of on-the-ground initiatives in China, India and the United States, we aim to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 450 Mt CO2 per year by 2020. That’s equivalent to the annual emissions from almost 100 million passenger vehicles.
By 2020, our vision is that advanced technologies and energy management systems will be in broad use across industry. This would mean significant reductions in carbon emissions, energy, water and other resources.

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