In-Depth Review of Energy Efficiency Policies and Programmes of Mongolia

Mongolia has ratified the Energy Charter Treaty and the Protocol for Energy Efficiency and Related Environmental Aspects (PEEREA) in 1999. By ratifying the PEEREA, countries commit themselves to formulate and implement policies for improving energy efficiency and reducing the negative environmental impact of the energy cycle. The guiding principle of the PEEREA is that contracting parties shall cooperate and, as appropriate, assist each other in developing and implementing energy efficiency policies, laws and regulations.
An in-depth review of energy efficiency policies of Mongolia was carried out in 2010. In fulfilling its commitments under the PEEREA, initially Mongolia has presented a regular review of its energy efficiency policies in 2003. The current in-depth review is the first for the country.
The in-depth review report was discussed by the PEEREA Working Group and the recommendations were endorsed by the Energy Charter Conference at its Meeting in November 2010.

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In-Depth Review of Energy Efficiency Policies and Programmes of Mongolia

Sectors: Cross cutting, Renewables

Country / Region: Asia, Mongolia

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Published by: Energy Charter

Publishing year: 2011

Author: Energy Charter Secretariat