Implementing Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) in Bulgaria

The nZEB criteria, as defined in the EPBD, are of a very qualitative nature with much room for interpretation and way of execution. Indeed, there is little guidance for Member States on how to concretely implement the Directive or on how to define and realise this type of building. Therefore, a clear definition that can be taken into account by EU Member States for elaborating effective, practical and well thought-out nZEBs needs to be formulated.
The aim of this study is to actively support this process in Bulgaria by providing a technical and economic analysis for developing an ambitious yet affordable nZEB definition and implementation plan. Starting from country data reflecting current construction practices, economic conditions and existing policies, different technological options are simulated for improving the energy performance of offices and single and multi-family buildings. We have evaluated the economic implications of the various options in view of an implementation plan.

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Implementing Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) in Bulgaria

Sectors: Buildings, Cross cutting, Finance, Industry

Country / Region: Bulgaria, Europe

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In 1 user collection: Building Efficiency Accelerator: Tools and Case Studies Collection

Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: Buildings Performance Institute Europe

Publishing year: 2012

Author: Buildings Performance Institute Europe