IIP Databases Brochure

With the growing importance of reducing emissions and cutting energy costs, one of the most significant issues for both government and industry is getting easy access to quality information about the most effective technologies, policies, energy management programs, financing and supply chain initiatives. IIP has responded by gathering up this vital information and putting it online. Included in our databases are guidelines, tools, reports, factsheets, case studies, events and key data. Our databases continue to evolve and grow each day as we discover new successful projects or extend our reach. All the information in our databases has been peer reviewed by global experts and researchers as well as experts in the US, China and India. The databases are publicly available and offered free of charge as part of our mandate to increase industrial energy productivity in energy-intensive sectors.

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IIP Databases Brochure

Sectors: Cross cutting, Power sector, Renewables

Country / Region: Global

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Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: IIP

Publishing year: 2013

Author: IIP