The present report was developed in the perspective of supporting IFC’s effort in increasing its use of the Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) approach as a vehicle in the development of the Energy Efficiency (EE) market in developing countries. The report first presents an introduction to the EPC concept and its models for IFC stakeholders, if needed. Furthermore, it focuses on a review of different approaches and opportunities that could be considered by IFC in the development of its activities using EPC. A review of the current situation on the use of EPC is also provided for some countries in order to enhance understanding of the complexity involved in using EPC. The report also describes the successes and failures of a number of countries with the model. Such review is inevitably incomplete as EPC is used by private sector actors who do not want to provide information on their activities. Therefore, the reviews presented have been put forward based on the most recent publications on the subject, contacts with informed stakeholders and Econoler’s own knowledge of these markets. A large portion of the detailed information on these markets is presented as appendixes so as to keep the main text of the report as concise as possible. However, the core information on the conclusion reached for each market is still presented in the main report. We conclude the report by submitting recommendations to IFC on how it could benefit from the use of
EPC to achieve its goals of fostering EE markets in developing countries. We also provide information on potential opportunities, either project- or corporation-related, for IFC to consider in its quest for new possibilities related to the use of EPC.

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Sectors: Cross cutting, ESCO

Country / Region: Global

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Published by: IFC

Publishing year: 2011