Guide to Building the Case for Deep Energy Retrofits

The Building the Case Guide provides a framework for preliminarily considering the value of deep energy retrofits of commercial buildings, and it offers guidance on how to conduct further analysis. Facility managers, sustainability directors, property managers, and heads of real estate can use this guide to evaluate deep energy retrofits and to effectively present the opportunity to higher internal levels or external capital sources. Energy retrofit and design professionals should use this guide to inform their client interactions and in-house training.
The Guide should be used in conjunction with the Managing Deep Energy Retrofits and the Identifying Design Opportunities guides also provided on
It is a “desk reference” that can be used for doing due diligence on a deep energy retrofit and can be continually referenced throughout its implementation. The approaches described in this document are techniques used by the most advanced real estate professionals. 

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Sectors: Buildings, Cross cutting, Finance, Renewables

Country / Region: Northern America, United States

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Published by: Rocky Mountain Institute

Publishing year: 2012

Author: Rocky Mountain Institute