Global EV Outlook2016: Beyond one million electric cars

This report aims to provide an update on recent developments in EV registrations (vehicle sales), EV stock estimates (mainly based on cumulative sales), and the availability and characteristics of EVSE. It also touches upon research aspects (e.g. the evolution of battery costs and energy density) and the profile of policy support in selected economies. The countries covered include EVI members and those included in the European Alternative Fuels Observatory.
This report concerns mainly the electric car market, and does not cover other transport modes with the same detail. This focus on the car market is due to both its dynamism and the wider availability of data for this vehicle group. Information on cars is complemented by targeted details on 2-wheelers, low-speed electric vehicles (LSEVs) and buses, with a focus on cases that have had an impact on the indicators discussed and have implications for future market developments. 

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Global EV Outlook2016: Beyond one million electric cars

Sectors: Renewables, Transport

Country / Region: Global

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In 1 user collection: IEA Energy Efficiency Training Week 2016 – Transport

Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: IEA

Publishing year: 2016

Author: Pierpaolo Cazzola, Marine Gorner, Jacob Teter, Wenjing Yi, Marine Gorner