Follow-up Peer Review on Energy Efficiency in the Philippines

With just under 100 million people, the Philippines is the twelfth most populous country in the world and the fifth most populous APEC economy. It is a net energy importer producing oil, natural gas and coal and generating electricity from geothermal, hydropower and other renewable sources.
With its large population and high oil import dependency the Philippine Department of Energy notes that energy is a crucial commodity factor for economic growth necessitating both energy stability and energy conservation. As a fast growing economy, its industrial and commercial sectors are the first and third fastest growing sectors respectively. This means managing existing and increased energy demand through energy efficiency is crucial for the sustainable growth of the sectors.
The Peer Review on Energy Efficiency Report from 2012 (‘the 2012 PREE Report’) made 54 recommendations on the following topics: the institutional context; energy efficiency goals, targets and strategy; the industry sector; the electricity sector; the commercial and residential sectors; the transport sector; energy management mechanisms and training and appliances and equipment efficiency. The Government has made progress on many of the recommendations, however, this report (‘the Follow-up PREE Report’ or ‘the Report’) focuses exclusively on the sugar, glass and cement industries and the commercial buildings sector. This is due to the fast growing and high-energy intensity nature of these areas. Please refer to the 2012 PREE Report for analysis and recommendations on other sectors. It is available on the APERC website:
The Follow-up PREE Review Team found that the Philippine Government, industries and companies had a positive attitude towards energy efficiency. It has made excellent groundwork towards establishing the economy as an energy efficient economy. This Report highlights 25 Achievements, which shows the progress that the Philippine Government has made towards energy efficiency in the Philippines since the 2012 PREE Report.
The Report makes 35 recommendations to the Philippine Government covering overarching recommendations and recommendations for each sector cover. The Review Team tailored these recommendations made in this Report are tailored towards aligning policy options under a unified framework, and sharing best practices and innovative approaches from around the world. The Review Team hopes that the recommendations will help the economy to realise its energy efficiency potential and achieve its EE goals. 

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Follow-up Peer Review on Energy Efficiency in the Philippines

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