Evaluation of International Comparable Compliance, Certification, and Enforcement Requirements for Electric Motors

Aims of this guide
The guidebook is designed as a manual for government officials, technical experts, and others around the world responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining Compliance, Certification, and Enforcement (CC&E) programmes for motors. The aim is to detail the specific considerations when devising a CC&E regime for motors, pointing out the advantages and possible pitfalls of different approaches.
Considerations for including motors within CC&E regimes
One advantage of MEPS over many other energy efficiency policy instruments is that the initial cost to the regulator is modest. But the regulator alone carries the responsibility and cost of ensuring fair play by periodically undertaking check testing of selected motors. This cost puts a limit on the amount of check testing undertaken, costs which can be reduced by the sharing of test results between different countries.
The very low levels of compliance failures in established testing programmes show a high level of confidence that motor specifications are being met can be achieved, but ongoing testing at some level will always be needed in order to ensure that this situation can be maintained.
Key issues relating to applying MEPS to motors
There are several distinctive factors applying to motors that mean that special consideration needs to be given when devising CC&E regimes for them, the most important of which are:
Motors are not available through domestic retail outlets, and so different considerations apply to how they are procured for testing, sanctions and how results of tests are communicated.
70% of new motors are purchased as part of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products that include motors within them, but these are largely ignored by testing programmes. This is an important new area of work for all CC&E programmes. 

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