European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee)

eceee, the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, is a membership-based non-profit association. As Europe’s largest and oldest NGO dedicated to energy efficiency, we generate and provide evidence-based knowledge and analysis of policies, and we facilitate co-operation and networking.
eceee members are found among private and public organisations, as well as among all those professionals from all sectors who share eceee’s goals.
eceee generates and provides evidence-based knowledge and analysis of policies. We facilitate co-operation and networking through our Summer Studies, workshops, social media, web site and newsletter.
The Summer Studies are a corner stone in eceee’s ambition to generate the evidence supporting energy efficiency. Since 1993, experts have gathered in a truly informal and solutions-based atmosphere for networking and exchange of ideas and knowledge.
The Summer Study offers a mix of practical shared hands-on experience together with scientific rigour. eceee has brought this tradition into its workshops, seminars, reports and briefings on a number of energy efficiency topics.

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Sectors: Cross cutting, Renewables

Country / Region: Europe

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