European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP)

The European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) will raise the sector to a higher worldbeating level of performance and competitiveness. This is achieved by analysing the major challenges that the sector faces in terms of society, sustainability and technological development. Research and innovation strategies are developed to meet these challenges engaging with and mobilising the wide range of leading skills, expertise and talent available to us within our industry over the coming decades, in order to meet the needs of the Society.
The ECTP will have to overcome key challenges of the 21st century including:
The industrialisation of the construction process to significantly reduce construction costs and increase quality;
The creation of safe and healthy working and living environments for European citizens;
Participation in the work to streamline national and European legislation to create a truly common market for construction products and services;
Action to reduce the use of energy, materials, and other resources in construction and in the built environment;
Enhancing the competitiveness of the European construction sector with respect to the USA and the low cost economies;
Create an understanding that the construction sector is innovative and researchdriven;
Contribute to the improvement of the quality of the built environment that will be accessible for all;
Address the needs of ageing and disabling population whose mobility and independence are reduced by the absence of accessible transport systems and built environments;
Make construction become an advanced knowledge economy sector at all levels of the supply chain;
Support integrated and sustainable development and maintenance of the European urban and rural environments diminishing conflicts of parties involved in interventions in immovable cultural heritage;
Ensure our cultural and architectural heritage is preserved for the benefit of society and the richness of our cities;
Strengthen relationships through the supply and procurement chains particularly with clients, citizens and the end- users of construction products;
Shifting focus from products to services to the Society.

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