Energy Performance Contracting in the EU – 2020-2021

Energy Performance Contracting (EnPC) constitutes an opportunity to bridge the investment gaps faced by the EU to meet its energy efficiency targets, energy performance of buildings and decarbonisation. In addition to mobilizing private sector financing and technical capacities, EnPCs provide energy-saving guarantees and can potentially take away financing risks from clients and providers. The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has been regularly reviewing the status and development of the energy service markets of the EU since 2005. The present report uses the same methodology to study the EnPC markets of the EU during 2020-21. Ultimately, the report provides a set of recommendations of relevance for policymaking both at MS and EU levels. The report findings indicate a continued potential for the public and private sectors to engage with EnPCs. Interventions in public buildings and public lighting, followed by private buildings are the most frequent types of projects. There is a trend towards incorporating renewables – constrained by Eurostat rules on the treatment of EnPC investments – district heating, system automation and interventions in the industry. In general, MS policymaking would benefit from fully implementing EU directives – especially EED Arts. 18, 5 and 6 – to overcome market barriers. Market intelligence, technical assistance and sectoral qualification are needed, whilst diverting public funds towards long-return projects (e.g., building envelopes) and leveraging private financing. The EU’s strategic and regulatory developments alongside technical assistance have been key market drivers. The EU institutions would benefit the market by continuing to guide MS-level efforts and providing platforms for compiling and exchanging knowledge.

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Energy Performance Contracting in the EU – 2020-2021

Sector: ESCO

Country / Region: European Union

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In 1 user collection: Market Overview including Cases studies

Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: Publications Office of the European Union

Publishing year: 2023

Author: Moles-grueso Sergi, Bertoldi Paolo, Boza-kiss Benigna