Energy Efficient Buildings Projects Map

The EU-funded EEBERS project focuses on identifying opportunities for synergies in ICT related Research in Technical Developments (RTD) in the energy efficient buildings (EeB) domain. The project aims to engage stakeholders in networking activities for future research and technology development and exploitation of results.
This report, the project’s first deliverable, describes the EeB ICT clustering model by mapping projects, topics and participants. The mapping methodology focused on other projects in the EeB domain which had at least one ICT RTD embedded in their results. This is complemented by analysing the stakeholders’ participation trends into these projects, covering initiatives, topics and RTD innovation programmes.
In total, 163 EU projects were studied. From these, 82 were found to address ICT or ICT dependent subjects as one of their key priorities. A mapping was created from assessing RTD and key innovations of the 82 projects by looking into the projects’ main ICT results. The projects were mapped against a set of relevant topics and sub-topics.
The clustering methodology applied in this work and presented in this document clearly identifies stakeholders who can work together for exploitation of the ICT developments and innovations in order to avoid duplication of efforts. This methodology ensures synergies and complementarities rather than overlaps and repetitions.

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Sectors: Buildings, Cross cutting, Renewables

Country / Region: Europe

Tags: , , ,

Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: European Commission

Publishing year: 2016

Author: Farid Fouchal; Tarek Hassan; Steven Firth; Isabel Pinto-Seppä; Janne Porkka; Mirkka Rekola; Stephan Schüle