Energy Efficiency Verification Specialists (eeVs)

EEVS Insight Ltd (Energy Efficiency Verification Specialists) is the UK’s leading provider of IPMVP-based performance analysis and verification services for any sustainability project, product, service or investment. They were founded in 2011 via a de-merger from powerPerfector Group Ltd.
In July 2015, EEVS became part of APC Technology Group Plc.
Their team is composed of expert energy analysts and industry specialists with a thorough understanding of how energy and resource efficiency projects affect a building’s performance and behaviour. They employ a number of certified measurement and verification professionals (CMVPs), qualified practitioners in IPMVP, the leading standard for evaluating energy and resource efficiency project performance.
EEVS is an industry utility. By offering independent evaluation services they hope to realise their vision of a mature sustainability industry, where suppliers are held to account for their performance, procurement decisions are based on evidence, ambiguity in project outcomes is removed, and investors have confidence in the returns that result from reducing wasted energy and resources.

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