Energy Efficiency Toolkit for Buildings

The toolkit is a practical guide for organizations to plan and initiate energy efficiency programs for their buildings. It has a focus on the business case to support decision making on energy efficiency measures. The toolkit provides an approach that is applicable to all buildings (e.g. offices, factories, warehouses, laboratories, etc.), although its scope does not extend to addressing or reducing process energy use.
This toolkit has been developed based on research by Dr. Sekhar Kondepudi, Associate Professor in the Department of Building at the National University of Singapore with the support of the members of the EEB2.0 project. The first online version has been launched in December 2015 in Paris during the launch of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction.
The Energy Efficiency Toolkit for Buildings has been developed as part of the WBCSD Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB) 2.0 project. The toolkit complements the WBCSD Manifesto for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, a pledge that 140+ organizations have already signed to take action towards improving the energy performance of their buildings and to report on progress.

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