Energy Efficiency in the Energy Sector

In most of the countries where the EBRD invests, the energy sector provides the best opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Such opportunities can be found across sectors in large energy production and conversion infrastructures, including fossil fuel production, power generation plants, and oil refineries, but also in downstream sub-sectors such as energy transmission and distribution.
The EBRD supports projects that facilitate modernisation, efficiency improvements and the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies in power generation, combined heat and power plants (CHP), and oil refineries. In addition, the EBRD focuses on smart grid investments that upgrade and extend existing power networks and lead to reliable and efficient transmission and distribution of energy and the integration of much needed new capacity from renewable energy sources.
The EBRD also provides technical assistance to the energy sector, alongside its investments. This includes technical and energy efficiency audits, technical and financial analysis of investment plans, and assistance during project preparation and implementation.
The Bank has furthermore put a focus on support to the sustainable development of the oil and gas sector. It provides finance and technical assistance to projects that improve energy efficiency of oil refineries and associated petroleum gas (APG) flaring reduction in the oil upstream sub-sector.
The EBRD’s activities in the energy sector have a tangible impact on the potential for low carbon development in its region. Over time, old and wasteful generation equipment has been replaced by advanced technology thereby improving energy efficiency.
In addition, the EBRD has also focused on supporting private operators to enable them to succeed in the often newly liberalised energy sectors across the region. This has included taking equity stakes in these operators, underlining the EBRD’s commitment to the sector.

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