Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries; Policies and Programmes

This book presents a comparative analysis of energy efficiency policies in developing countries.

Although there is a vast amount of literature available about renewable energy policy and implementation in the developing world, energy efficiency tends to lack attention. This book fills this lacuna by examining the current state of the field and scope for future improvements. Drawing on a wide range of case studies including Brazil, China and Chile, the authors use a comparative approach to examine the policies and programmes being implemented, looking at the existing legal frameworks and regulatory challenges. By showcasing stories of success, as well as barriers to energy efficiency, they highlight the opportunities for increased energy access and efficiency and demonstrate how these opportunities may directly impact on climate change mitigation.

This volume will be a useful resource for scholars and practitioners with an interest in energy policy and efficiency, climate change and international development.

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Sectors: Buildings, Cross cutting, District energy, Industry, Transport

Country / Region: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Georgia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Spain, Thailand

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Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Publishing year: 2020