Energy Efficiency in Buildings; Mexico

Residential buildings account for 84% of the total building stock in Mexico. The increasing workforce and urbanisation rate in Mexico have led to the growth of the building floor area, including green buildings. It is expected that by 2025 the construction of new green buildings will grow by 6% compared to the rate in 2018. This is mainly due to the support of agencies working to expand the green building market. Since 2014, the number of new green buildings has been continuously growing across the country, largely driven by green mortgages issued by Infonavit (the largest mortgage lender of Latin America), and the number is projected to further increase by 2025 (International Finance Corporation, 2017). Currently there are 372 LEED certified sites, equal to 91 million sq. ft. with 47% of sites at the highest levels (gold and platinum certification). Lastly, there are other programs for green buildings in Mexico, such as TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders, Energy Start Challenge for Industry and LEED for Homes (The Green Building Information Gateway, 2018).

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Energy Efficiency in Buildings; Mexico

Sector: Buildings

Country / Region: Mexico

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Published by: Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency

Publishing year: 2019

Author: Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency