Efficient Lighting Market Baselines and Assessment

This guidance note focuses on the development and maintenance of market baselines and market monitoring activities as tools to inform minimum energy performance standards (MEPS), labelling, and supporting policies for energy efficient lighting. It is primarily aimed at policymakers that wish to establish, or update, policies to facilitate the transition to efficient lighting and provides a practical resource for those developing a market baseline for the first time, or those who are looking to update existing baselines for market monitoring purposes.
A market baseline provides a detailed snapshot of the products available in a market at a given point in time, and provides a sound technical foundation for the development of new, or revised, policies for efficient lighting. Market baselines enable policymakers to gain a thorough understanding of product availability, performance, pricing, and other important factors that influence policy development.
In order to be most effective and to avoid distorting a market, policy decisions must be grounded in data that is at once timely, comprehensive and representative of the market as a whole. It is recommended that countries follow the principles and steps outlined in this guide in the planning and execution of market baselines and market monitoring in order to maximise the impact of policies, and achieve the greatest possible benefits for households and national economies.

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Efficient Lighting Market Baselines and Assessment

Sectors: Equipment and appliances, Renewables

Country / Region: Global

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Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: UNEP

Publishing year: 2016

Author: My K. Ton, Jiayang Li