E2.7.2 – Recommendations for Governments for the Adoption of EPC by the Scholar Sector

This deliverable is part of Activity 2.7 – Development of new business models and management strategies for schools and this task focuses on developing a  document with recommendations for governments for the adoption of energy performance contracts (EPC) by the scholar sector. With this in mind, the present document compiles information about the pathways for engagement in EPCs for governments and public authorities. The main outcome of this document is to define a pathway for public sector entities to engage in Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs), defining all steps to needed to achieve the contract phase and also every step during the contract. The document clarifies details about the public procurement laws, governmental EPC programmes and other specific and local ways to engage in EPCs. The document focus on the state-of-art of four different countries (France, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom) which represent the SUDOE region.

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Sectors: Cross cutting, ESCO

Country / Region: France, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom

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In 2 user collections: Policies & legal and regulatory frameworks , Investment, Finance & Risk Management

Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: Interreg Sudoe

Publishing year: 2017