Current use of Energy Performance Certificates in 8 EU countries and potential links to iBRoad

Since the iBRoad EU-funded project will introduce individual building renovation roadmaps as a scheme complementary to EPCs, an analysis of the current use of EPCs, energy audits and renovation activities in participating countries (Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Sweden) was central to the project. The 8 factsheets findings are based on existing literature, Member States renovation strategies and interviews with national stakeholders.
They cover:
Update of the situation regarding availability and usability of EPCs (status of implementation, scope of information collected, data upload, management of EPC registers, public access to data);
Availability, scope, and quality control of energy audits (data collection, required certification/training, costs for building owners);
Status of renovation activities (share of the building stock renovated since presentation of first national renovation strategies, targeted building typology – e.g. single-family houses vs. multi-unit buildings – available financing, level of involvement of key stakeholders, main barriers and strategies to address them, instruments complementary to EPC).

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Sector: Buildings

Country / Region: Belgium, Bulgaria, Europe, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden

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Knowledge Object: Publication / Report

Published by: iBRoad partners

Publishing year: 2018

Author: iBRoad Partners