carbonn Climate Registry

The carbonn® Climate Registry (cCR) is the global reporting platform for cities, towns and regions tackling climate change – created to support transparency, accountability and credibility.
It serves local and sub-national governments that report voluntarily and publicly. Reported data helps to build a strong case for the impact of local climate action, showing how this could connect to, and even raise the level of ambition, of the combined Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of to realize the objectives of the Paris Agreement.
It supports public reporting by local and sub-national governments.
Use of the platform is free.
It helps Measuring, Reporting and Verifiable (MRV) local climate action.
It supports reporting consistent with global standards and protocols – to help you report, compare, and improve.
The cCR enhances data accountability and transparency
Data is publicly accessible online (where permission is granted to display data publicly).
Reported results are used in global climate advocacy, calling for support to scale up local climate action in the global climate negotiations.

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